List of Acronyms

4IRFourth Industrial Revolution
ACAcademic Computing
ADDIEAnalysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation
ADOAcademic Development Officer
AICAcademic Integrity Course
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
ALASAAfrican Language Association of Southern Africa
AMSAcademic Monitoring and Support
ASAFAccess and Success Advisory Forum
BAQONDEBoosting the Use of African Languages in Education: A Qualified Organized Nationwide Development Strategy for South Africa
BMUS4(Extended Curriculum) Bachelor of Music
BSS4(Extended Curriculum) Bachelor of Social Science 
CAESCollege of Agriculture, Engineering and Science
CCMSCentre for Communication, Media and Society
CEOChief Executive Officer
CHECouncil on Higher Education
CHUMCollege of Humanities
CHSCollege of Health Sciences
CIOChief Information Officer
CLMSCollege of Law and Management Studies
COILCollaborative Online International Learning
CoPCommunity of Practice
COVID-19Coronavirus Disease 2019
CLMSCollege of Law and Management Studies
DHETDepartment of Higher Education and Training
DoHDepartment of Health
DUTDurban University of Technology
DVCDeputy Vice-Chancellor
FTENFirst-Time Entering
FYEFirst-Year Experience
HEQCHigher Education Quality Committee
HIVHuman Immunodeficiency Virus
HLTsHuman Language Technologies
HODHead of Department
HPEHealth Professions Education
HRHuman Resource
HRSAHealth Resources and Services Administration
IAInstitutional Audit
ICSInformation and Communication Services
INCIsiZulu National Corpus
INSETAInsurance Sector Education and Training Authority
IQAInternal Quality Assurance
IPEInterprofessional Education
ITInformation Technology
LGBTQILesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex
MUTMangosuthu University of Technology
NIHSSNational Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences
NSFASNational Student Financial Aid Scheme
NSSENational Survey of Student Engagement
QAFQuality Assurance Framework
QPAQuality Promotion and Assurance
PGDipPostgraduate Diploma
PoEPortfolio of Evidence
PQMProgramme Qualification Mix
PPEPersonal Protective Equipment
SASouth Africa
SAAIRSouth Africa Association for Institutional Research
SAEESSchool of Agriculture, Earth and Environmental Sciences
SAQASouth African Qualifications Authority
SASLSouth African Sign Language
SAULMStudents’ Access to and Use of Learning Materials
SASSESouth African Survey of Student Engagement
SATISouth African Translators Institute
SCPSchool of Chemistry and Physics
SCMSchool of Clinical Medicine
SERSelf-Evaluation Report
SEP-TLFStaff Experience of, and Perspectives on Teaching and Learning and its Future
SEP-TLSStaff Experience and Perspectives on Teaching and Learning Survey
SISupplemental Instruction
SHESafety, Health and Environment
SHSSchool of Health Sciences
SLMMSSchool of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences
SLSSchool of Life Sciences
SOTLScholarship of Teaching and Learning
SMSCSSchool of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
SMUSefako Makgatho Health Sciences University
SSDStudent Services Division
SSSStudent Support Services
STEMScience, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
SWITCHStrengthening the Workforce to Improve Treatment and Care of HIV
T&LTeaching and Learning
TAUTeaching Advancement at University
TIQEGTeaching Innovation Quality Enhancement Grants
TMTTranslation Management Tool
UCDGUniversity Capacity Development Grant
UCDPUniversity Capacity Development Programme
UELUKZN Extended Learning
UFSUniversity of the Free State
UKZNUniversity of KwaZulu-Natal
ULBUniversity Language Board
ULOPUKZN Learn Online Portal
ULPDOUniversity Language Planning and Development Office
UNISAUniversity of South Africa
UNIZULUUniversity of Zululand
UPUniversity of Pretoria
URECUniversity Research and Ethics Committee
USAfUniversities South Africa
UTELUniversity Technology Enhanced Learning
UTLCUKZN Teaching and Learning Committee
UTLOUniversity Teaching and Learning Office
UTOPUKZN Teach Online Portal
VITVictorian Institute of Technology
VLCVideoLAN Client
WPWriting Place

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